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Trusted Debt Solutions CEO Schimeon Frederick on Overwhelming Student Loans

Student Loan Consolidation

Student loan figures have sky-rocketed. Millions of former students are struggling to pay off loans borrowed years ago to make it through college, and now they are still in desperate need of strategies to get out of the sheer amount of debt mounting on them. Fortunately, there are a variety of programs that students may avail of to alleviate these daunting financial situations. Debt solutions educator and advocate Schimeon Frederick explains how this works. Loans are used to offset the rising cost of college; and as such, not long after graduation do students realize that their annual salary is not enough to pay for their loans in a way that they can still live comfortably—if they ever find a job. This financial challenge is the same reason why a significant number of young adults believe that they should have worked instead of opting for college…most are even delaying major purchase decisions such as house and cars because the debts have to be prioritized. One strategy to get out of debt is through federal student loan forgiveness programs. These help ease students’ burden by erasing a certain percentage of their debt. It can be earned by working for public service or by income-contingent payment plans, each of which has its own conditions. These have influenced the rise of enrollment because of more manageable monthly payments and chances of forgiven balances. Trusted Debt Solutions, LLC offers a variety of strategies. They will evaluate a student’s financial status, analyze which type of program will suit the clients need best, and provide a comprehensive budget analysis for free. They also consolidate loans, gain fixed interest rates, reduce payments, restructure payment plans, process forbearance or gain loan forgiveness for their clients. For an overview of their services, watch the Schimeon Frederick video on YouTube and visit    

About Trusted Debt Solutions

The company has a team of certified, bonded and insured enrollment specialists who provide professional and easy advice for debt solutions. It is headquartered in 152 NW 16th St Boca Raton, FL 33432. They also offer special programs for civil servants, military, public health officials, non-profit employees, educators.

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