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Chicken Soup For the Student Loaners Soul: Mary Miller

Recently, after ending my career in ESOL teaching I decided to work in the company my husband started in our garage in 2013. He has demanded that I learn more about his business to become an assist and not just his “trophy” wife just hanging around the office all day. I have become the marketing team at Trusted Debt Solutions. I get to observe this business grow and document it first hand. In my quest to understand more about the company that I inadvertently co-own with my husband, Schimeon Frederick I decided to interview our Head of Processing at Trusted Debt Solutions, Mary Miller. Before I started the team I had enjoyed Mary’s pleasantries and hilarious banter with her department. Today I got a chance to sit down with her and talk. She is a native of Mississippi and a Florida resident since 1998. Mary Miller is smart, quick witted, and a true leader to her team. She joined the Trusted Debt Solutions team from the very beginning. She is an amazing mother of two adult daughters and an outdoorsy type of lady. She has welcomed me to the team with open arms.

Once a client has made the commitment to end the nightmare of endless student loan default notices and harassing collection agency calls, her and her team go to work to process the required paper work to get the many loans a former student may have into one direct loan. “No one should pay $600 a month on a student loan, when they have a family and a mortgage”. I learned that a one direct loan payment can be paid over 10, 20, or 30 years depending on each client’s unique situation. Each year, she makes sure that her clients have peace of mind by filing the necessary paperwork to prevent them from going back into a default or worse be transitioned into a standard plan loan. If a borrowers’ paperwork is not keep up to date yearly with the correct financial information they can go back into the matrix of unreasonable student loan debt and salary garnishment. “We fight the loan companies every day to give our customers the fair loan rates they deserve”.

Mary and Christina

Mary and Christina: Trusted Debt Solutions LLC

I got a chance to hear Mary’s own personal story. Mary went to nursing school (not too long ago). During that time she acquired $60,000 in student loan debt with Sallie Mae. During her career as a nurse she shared with me that she was paying $450 towards her loan debt with no problem. “I had no idea that I hadn’t even touched the principal of my loan”. During that time her interest had continued to increase.

After 20 years in the medical field Mary hurt her neck. “I was helping an Alzheimer patient and instead of letting him fall, I injured myself instead”. She then decided to end her time as a medical professional. While out of work Mary could no longer afford to pay the $450 a month she had come accustom to. That is when the harassing phone calls and debt default notices started. It was just then a bill collector mentioned to her about direct loans. She did her own due diligence and transferred all her loans into one easy payment. She took her great attention to detail, and love for those who have no idea how to get from under the weight of loan debt and teamed up with Schimeon Frederick to guide others.

“Now I pay $56 a month”! She explained to me how this is an awesome program for majority of the World. “We have clients in other countries that had taken out loans here and America and we are able to help them lower their payments”. This program is a win/win for both the government, who suffered from unpaid loans given and the borrower that has taken the consequences of defaulting on their student loans. Mary and her team of “Debt Angels” are saving reputations and preserving piece of mind.

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