Terms Explained

Limited Money Back Guarantee (“Satisfaction Guarantee”).

Company guarantees that the applications it prepares for consolidation or acceptance into a DOE-offered program for student loan debt, or a repayment plan using current lenders through the DOE, will be accurate and sufficient for acceptance by the DOE subject to the following conditions: (1) student loans that Client presents to Company are original debts, and have not been previously consolidated or had their terms or amounts previously adjusted, and have not been previously serviced or worked on by any other student loan assistance or adjustment company; (2) Client fully cooperates, is honest and timely in providing all information requested by Company and DOE; and/or (3) Client does not possess a characteristic that pursuant to DOE rules or applicable law that would disqualify Client from receiving a consolidation. Client shall not be entitled to the benefits of this section in the event that Client receives document preparation services from Company and prior to approval by DOE, Client terminates this Agreement or continues with DOE without the assistance of Company. If a Client is not approved through the DOE subject to the above limitations, then Company will reimburse the Fee paid to Company (limited to funds received by Company from Client). All refund requests must be made, in writing, to Company within 30 days of any denial by the DOE. This guarantee expires six months after the date this Agreement is signed by the Client.

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