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Is Debt Consolidation for You? TDS Gives 3 Tips to Help You Decide


These days, it’s not uncommon to be responsible for multiple debts every month. You may need to pay for your remaining student loans, your mortgage, and your car financing. On top of all these balances, you have your credit card debt accumulated from previous big purchases and even daily expenses. There are also some cases when you acquire debt from emergencies, such as hospital bills or expensive repair bills for your home. With your growing number of financial obligations, it can be easy to fail satisfying them all every month. You might end up making minimum payments and accruing interests, which gradually fattens up your total dues. To prevent you from being overwhelmed and drowning in debt, you might want to consider debt consolidation, which may be recommended by a reliable company like TDS. It gives the following three tips to help you decide if the method is right for you:

Look at the big picture, and be thorough with the details.
Take inventory of all your loans, and see if consolidation gives you enough savings every month. Aside from your remaining balances, consider interests, late payment fees, consolidation fees, and other relevant factors. Determine whether your income could make the payments that would be required in the consolidation terms and still leave room for your other expenses and emergency savings.

See if you can pay more than the minimum every month.
What would ultimately make debt consolidation advisable is if you can make more than the minimum payment each due date. If you stick to that strategy, you could repay your debts faster. Additionally, look for ways to earn additional income to increase your payments and have more left to spend and save.

Watch your spending habits, and avoid incurring more debt.
The method will be counterproductive if you end up spending more carelessly or getting more loans, particularly your credit card debt. Create a realistic budget, and more importantly, stick to it. You also need to discuss the other implications of debt consolidation, such as its effects to your credit score, the need for a comprehensive financial plan to effectively get out of debt, and the fulfillment of stringent requirements. Debt consolidation specialists like Trusted Debt Solutions can help in walking you through the process. These professionals could also aid in exploring your options and alternatives if the method won’t be feasible for your situation.

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