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A radio show called We Are the People; Students for Liberty has guest interviews with the industry’s top professionals on the topic of Student Loans. Below is a playlist of a few of their radio interviews and shows.    

About We Are The People:

Lead by Tracy Marks, she explains what the radio show means to her and how she came about creating this educational platform for everyone to listen in on;
“ is about us, about you and me. About the misconceptions we have about our government. It’s about our ignorance and our learning curve. It’s about bringing us together even though we think different things, go to different churches and belong to different political parties. We ARE the People and we can’t know everything. We need each other. We need to belong and be loved and treated with respect. And no matter our differences we CAN come together and fix this government. But time is running out. Elections are coming. We can change the world one person at a time. And it is TIME. We must stand up for not only ourselves but for each other. Our rights are being stripped away. The proof is out there and it is critical that we refrain from distracting ourselves and take a look at what is happening around us. You can no longer believe what our government tells you. It’s time to find out for yourselves what is going on. Don’t believe me, look for yourself. My tragedy is my student loan debt. I have paid off one private loan and paid 35K of a 40K loan. I am told I still owe 48K on that very same loan. I am on section 8, my family is torn apart yet somehow amazing people have showed up in my life to keep me going. This show is all about them as well. is about Student Loans, Corporate Welfare, Health and the industries that surround them. Join us as we connect the dots; find the solutions and ban together to put the justice back into our government and back into our courtrooms.”
  Hopefully this comes as a useful tool while going trying to finish paying off your loans. Both Trusted Debt Solutions and are happy to receive feedback based on these shows. Feel free to share or email us at For any immediate questions regarding student loan consolidation please call us at: (888) 592-4901        

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