Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I just file bankruptcy to erase my student loan debts?

Unfortunately with Federal Student Loan Debt you cannot discharge these loans through bankruptcy. Since you are thinking about bankruptcy am I right to assume that you are in some sort of a financial hardship? Reason I asked is because we offer numerous different repayment plans that can have your monthly payments as low as $0 a month. With these same repayment options you may also be eligible for loan forgiveness and therefore accomplishing your goals.

Why would my federal loans be willing to offer me this low of a payment (IBR/PAYE)?

With all the new acts in place to assist graduates or people with student loan debt like you, there are repayments options that focus on more of your family size and annual household income as opposed to your conventional repayment plans. Given your current situation you have been qualified to take advantage of some of these programs.

How much money can I save by consolidating my student loan debts?

The biggest benefit with student loan consolidation is peace of mind of just one lender. As to savings it will vary depending on your current financial situation and job type. We offer numerous different repayment options that are geared towards reducing your monthly payments thereby saving you money. With many of our programs you could also be eligible for loan forgiveness.

Can’t I consolidate my student loans for free?

Yes you can consolidate on your own. However, you can also download the necessary forms from the IRS and file your taxes yourself. But you either purchase software or hire an accountant/CPA to help you file them. Why? So you can maximize your return and make sure your taxes are filed correctly. The same concept applies with Student Loan Consolidation. You can do it on your own but we guarantee that your paperwork is filed to the Department of Education’s underwriting standards, ensuring that your consolidation will be accepted immediately. We also make sure that you receive all of the benefits that you may be eligible for, such as forgiveness plans.

Are there any fees for your service?

Yes, There is a one time all inclusive fee for our service.

What if my application is not approved by the DOE?

In the case that the submitted application is not approved by the DOE. You are protected by our Limited Money Back Guarantee

What if I want to Cancel My Service?

While would be unhappy to see you go. We understand that sometimes there are circumstances that would lead to a cancellation. For your protection our cancellation policy is designed to exceed state law requirements and is easy to understand.

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