"I had a pleasant experience with Trusted Debt Solutions. The process went smooth. I was able to contact them easily and have any questions I had answered thoroughly. I now have some of the weight removed from my shoulders and there is a light at the end of the tunnel."

- Christian Bojar

"Highly recommended for the most professional federal student loan consolidation anywhere!"

- Chef Barrae

"I am not one to be very trusting of your average, run-of-the-mill debt solution companies. There are so many scams, it can make one very cautious about taking that step to consolidate debts with just any company. With the idea that only "fools rush in" I did some research to find a way to consolidate my student loans. I decided to contact Trusted Debt Solutions and was pleasantly surprised ..."

- Yoky Noble

"Your service has been exceptionally helpful in releivinG The stress of tryingto take care of my student loans...."

- Barbara

"I got really great service through Trusted Debt Solutions. The follow ups were always consistent and thorough."

- Aisha N.

"The services provided have been great. The process was done in a timely manner. Each time I speak with a representative ,they are very professional."

- Daphne C.

"Very easy transaction"

- Michael J.

"Between the beginning and the end of process I was a bit concerned ...just skeptical what is happening...but called several times there was a rep answering and just said be patient/in process takes to 60 days or so... now that it has been executed and with no issues I am quite pleased with the outcome....Thanks you."

- Steven M.

"A few hiccups with the deferment process, but they did in respond to each inquiry in a timely manner. To which I was satisfied"

- Celeste W.

"I had no problems with this at all. I was glad to have someone help me out... "

- Pamela A.

"At first I wasn't exactly sure about what was going on, but they helped me every step of the way without giving me any stress"

- Yesenia H.

"Trusted Debt Solutions made the process easy and effortless."

- Shelley M.

"very fast and easy to set up and review. Got help when I needed it and answers when I wanted"

- Stewart J.

"I first called your company in a panic, and on that call and every call since; your company has not only assured me that there was a solution to my problem, but the representatives were always confident, and nonjudgemental."

- Shannon L.

"I felt like I was being assisted in good faith."

- Shanally P

"I had a very good experience with your company in redoing my school loans. I am very happy that I called and thank you so much for your help."

- Susan W.

"Brett and Cristina have helped me with the process of consolidating my student lloans. The process was a breeze. Not only that, but TDS saved me a LOT of money and since working with them my credit score has improved. I am delighted and feel super lucky to have done this now! Thank you guys. I recommend this to everyone!"

- Gabriella P.

"5 star all the way. I always got the help I needed to get through the paper work."

- Bradley S.

"Trusted Debt Solutions helped to lower my monthly payments and interest rate so that my tuition loans are now much more affordable. The representatives were always courteous and made sure to explain the process and how long it could take. Thank you!"

- Patrick K.

"Helped me lower my monthly costs and made my debt more manageable for me and my family. Recommended! "

- Lucas J.

"I had Brett and his team work on my loans and it's been such a help to my family financially. Thx again Brett for the help. "

- Jesse R.

"I had some concerns at first, but they did answer promptly every time i called or emailed with a question. still in the final finishing stages."

- Amber H.

"Between the beginning and the end of process I was a bit concerned ...just skeptical what is happening...but called several times...... there was a courteous representative answering each time and just said be patient/in-process, does take to 60 days or so... now that it has been executed and seamless with absolutely no issues I am quite pleased with the outcome....my payments reduced by almost 70%...Thank you TDS...Steven "

- Steven M.

"Much easier than I thought. The explanation of the process was clear. The documents needed for the process was written in a easy step by step manner."

- Jarrett S.

"The lady that helped me was so positive and she helped me cut my bill in half! So happy!"

- Tess S.

"Everyone that I spoke with was very nice and helpful and informative. They answered all of my questions and were very friendly as well."

- Arianne B.

"Easy process and great commitment!"

- Monica S.

"Everyone I worked with at Trusted Debt Solutions was friendly and every helpful! They took care of my Federal loans which helps me out a great deal and let's me focus on my private loans!"

- Erica B.

"Very friendly staff, always available to answer any questions I had. Very good experience, working with this company!"

- Ashton M.

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